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Updated, 7/019! (I left what I had on here before up, though, just for history’s sake.)

So, just who is this Tamara Tillinghast Haskett? (And why is she speaking in the third person?)

Well, Tamara is I am a “thirtysomething” (UPDATE: *sigh* “fortysomething”) native of the Pacific Northwest… specifically, Washington state. (Which happens to be clear across the country from where most of my ancestors lived, but more on that in a minute.) I myself live in a charming old house (built around 1940) that’s as filled with character as it is tiny (UPDATE: an apartment built in perhaps the 1980’s, that’s smaller than my old house, but has a nice big closet); however, it’s just the right size for me, my husband (Merwyn) (UPDATE: we’ve since separated,  but remain good friends) and our two children (9-year-old Richard, who has black-and cream-colored hair and crossed blue eyes that glow red in photographs, and 3-year-old Daisy, who has blue-and-gold hair, big brown eyes, and a “hangdog” expression). (UPDATE: Daisy is alive and well, and lives with her daddy; Richard is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge as of February, 2017 and I will never stop missing him. But I have a new son! 6-year-old Roger — whom I like to call Magnum or Maggi — fits the same basic description as Richard, and is also extremely handsome, although at 15.75 lbs, he’s about twice Richard’s size. It’s a good size for him!)

The kids, circa 2011.

My husband and I host a radio show called The Think Tank, which airs Sunday mornings from 10-noon on KAOS 89.3 FM in Olympia, WA. You can listen online here. When I’m NOT on the radio, (UPDATE: I’m no longer on KAOS as of April 2014, and because I want to keep this blog positive, I won’t say anything else about that) I enjoy traveling, writing, browsing antique and secondhand stores, reading, learning new things, and collecting stuff, mainly postcards and old photographs.

I like train travel the best.

Hmmm… traveling, writing, reading, antiques, old photos… yeah, my blood seemed prime for the “genealogy bug”, and sure enough, it bit HARD last year! This was mostly due to a book I’m currently working on, which is part travelogue, part “cancer memoir”, and part love letter to the people who (unlike cancer) have helped shaped me into the person I am today.

Needless to say, that last category includes my ancestors. I knew when I started researching them that it would be interesting… but I had no idea just HOW hooked I’d become on fitting together the pieces of my genealogical puzzle! Now I can (and do) easily spend 6-7 hours at a time perusing Ancestry dot com, Find A Grave, and whatever sources I can find online, collecting names and stories. I’m still a “newbie” (UPDATE: I’ve been doing this for about 8 years now, so while I’ve nowhere close to the decades’ worth of research that I know many other have; I don’t know that “newbie” is accurate anymore, either?), so I haven’t joined any genealogy societies (I plan to join my local one when its new calendar year starts) or attended any conferences (I beyond want to!). However, while traveling for my book in fall of 2011, I got to visit Providence, RI, which was founded by seemingly half of my ancestors.

It wasn’t my first trip to Providence (Merwyn and I have some friends there) but it was the first time I went there with a “genealogical” mindset. And I had a blast! Among the many “Tillinghast” themed activities I managed to fit into my brief stay in Providence (which was part of a much larger trip): a visit to the grave of my very own 10th great grandfather, Pardon Tillinghast.

Now you know where my blog title comes from.

This blog will not only explore my “Tillinghast” roots, but my other Rhode Island ancestors (including Roger Williams himself, very likely another 10th great grandfather, plus Stukely Westcott, my Sisson line, my Capwell line, and my MANY ancestors with the last name “Greene”). I also want to find out more about my 2nd great grandmother, Edith Brundage, and her family and life with my 2nd great grandfather, Isaac Fred Tillinghast, in Lackawanna, PA.

Then there are the various “celebrity cousins” I can (possibly — and in some cases, definitely) claim on my family tree, thanks to those colonial New England roots (which MANY of them seem to share). And that’s just my dad’s side of the family! On my mother’s side, I’d love to find out more about the Millers, the Burnetts, the Pratts, the Hacketts, and her other ancestors that settled in Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, and eventually, Kansas and Missouri.

Finally, I plan to keep exploring my husband’s (UPDATE, 7/2019: again, this should now say separated husband… but the rest of this paragraph remains true!) ancestry. His is a lot more challenging; but I’m definitely interested in the Hasketts from Ireland that emigrated to Ontario, the Texas Barnetts, and all of the others in his family tree.

And whatever I find, I plan to share with YOU!

So stay tuned… it should be a fun and fulfilling ride!

-Tamara Tillinghast Haskett
(March 2012)


2 responses

  1. Do you have information on the name Marjorie Lockwood Tillinghast? She was born in New York (I think) in about 1890. She was the daughter of Marie and Frank Lockwood, a noted architect who worked in Alabama, Georgia and Florida. She married a Tillinghast in Rhode Island.
    Thank you.

  2. Mark Tillinghast | Reply

    Your internet presence presents quite the gift. Thank you

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