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Pardon Me, Take 2

Well, as you can see by looking at my last entry, it’s been over a year since I updated this blog.

And it isn’t because I lost interest, or hit a roadblock in my research. Au contraire! I’ve found out so much since my last post, I wouldn’t even know where to begin sharing all of it! Names, photos, stories — let’s just say I’ve unlocked quite a few family mysteries since you last heard from me (and I’ve had a great time doing so). I’ve connected with and even met a few “long lost” cousins. In time, I hope to write about everything.

So why the long break between posts?  Actually, it’s a combination of not knowing where/how to pick up from where I left off, health issues, and (this is the main reason, I confess) just plain bad blogging habits.

But I love the idea of a place to document all my findings, and would hate to waste that opportunity. And, clearly, I already have a blog established to do just that! (It’s not like letting 15 months lapse means the information I have shared is no longer valid.)

So let’s try this again, shall we?

Rather than a 90-page update of everything I’ve discovered since March 2012, I think I’ll stick to shorter posts. In fact, I’ve always thought that these themed genealogy prompts look like fun. So, that’s my goal — to try some of these out for at least a week. Starting this coming week (I’m not sure which particular day this week, but once I start, I vow to post at least 7 straight days’ worth of content!).

Hey, it’s as good a goal as any. 🙂

Meanwhile, I actually did update my “Brick Walls” page earlier this year — and I updated my “Famous Relatives” page just this morning. So make sure to check out those (see top of blog) if you want some  more content. And stay tuned!